Losta Sahil Evi
Yoga & Pilates Classes

Yoga, Your Spiritual Journey

Enjoy yoga from sunrise… to sunset. Yoga helps reduce stress and increase serenity, improve breathing and boost confidence, strengthen the body, and enhance flexibility.

Morning Flow

Start your day with a burst of energy with a session of Surya Namaskars - a sequence of 12 powerful yoga postures - accompanied by mantras and musical melodies.

Vinyasa Flow

Explore the connection between breathing, movement and energy. Vinyasa Flow, enables, the conscience to open to a deeper rhythm by enhancing inner unity and healing.

Power Yoga

Sequences of dynamic movements inspired by Ashtanga yoga help you develop muscle strength, flexibility and breathing control. Power Yoga not only tones the body, it also improves endurance and the ability to concentrate.

A strong spine and abdominals with Mat Pilates

Losta Sahil Evi
Generally, the goal of a mat Pilates class is to strengthen your abdominals, lower back muscles, pelvic floor, hips and glutes. Through a series of floor exercises using resistance bands and balls, the workout helps build, sculpt and tone these muscles, giving your body a long, lean look. Pilates can aid in flexibility and improving posture, as stretching your body is a vital part of class. While low-impact, Pilates burns fat during and after class, as your muscles continue to shed calories long after class ends.

Focusing on the breath plays a major role in Pilates. Encouraging you to breathe from your belly instead of your chest, Pilates connects your breath to the exercise, allowing that influx of oxygen to better complete each movement. Since you are concentrating so strongly on breathing deeply, the mind can benefit from mindfulness, relaxation and stress reduction during and after class. Over time, your mind becomes trained to stay more focused not only while working out, but also in your everyday life. Those who practice Pilates often reap the benefits of these deep breathing exercises, suffering less from anxiety, anger and even depression.

Mat Pilates is an effective, precise set of exercises. It’s accessible to everyone at any level of fitness and provides countless benefits. If you love rules and structure, or if a quiet, gentle workout is just what you need, try out our Mat Pilates class…